flower painting


I haven't felt very creative lately. Yes, even experienced painters have feelings of not being inspired to paint.

I have some paints I bought a while ago, with some colors I haven't tried yet and just decided to play with them in an abstract way. I find it's the best way to learn how certain colors work together. I love it when you can't predict the outcome. It's kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle. You become motivated as it comes together and you feel you are accomplishing some good.

I still try to use just three or four colors and try to keep them in the family of of the primaries of red, blue and yellow. I did an abstract background and let it dry. Studying later I saw this beautiful bloom (like a Calla Lily, but not), and then I painted it in and saw more blooms. I was hooked and didn't want to stop! Oh, it felt so good to be inspired using only my imagination and my brush!

So this was the outcome!


flower painting

Christmas Bouquet

Inspired by a little sunshine yesterday and my pretty Christmas bouquet, I decided to do some watercoloring! Flowers always seem to brighten my day!


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flower painting

Fig Tree

Our little fig tree produced four little figs too late in the season. Just not enough time for them to mature. Maybe next year. It's leaves have started to fall and the shape of them was inspiration to do a watercolor!


DSCN1586 (1)

I think I like it better this way

flower painting


While cleaning out my studio, I found some really old watercolor paper. I had two sheets left in a pad of Strathmore Neptune watercolor tints. I don’t even think they make this paper anymore. So I started to play with and just went with the flow. Very happy with the results. It must be all that sunshine out there today.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 11.54.05 AM

flower painting

Spring flowers...

I was picking some daffodils when I found this delicate and pretty flower! I had no idea what it was but I thought it would go well in my bouquet. A friend on FB let me know it was a Spring Snowflake. Another flower with nature's beauty!


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flower painting

Daffodils and spring....

With the need for social distancing and unwanted cold weather in April, I have been searching the garden for any signs of spring. The daffodils are spectacular this year and I cut a few of them to bring spring into my studio.

Over the years, I have painted more daffodils than I can count, but each time I do, I find there is always another way to approach painting them. These Daffodils have the wonderful orange trumpets heralding the coming of spring. I wanted to highlight their drama and color in some way and I hope I accomplished that in this painting!


The finished painting...