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flower painting

May 2019




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May. 22nd, 2019

flower painting

Last 2019 spring series class of Watercolor with Jean

Our spring series of "Watercolor with Jean" ended this week. Our last project was to paint Stargazer Lilies. This painting is a demonstration I did in class as a "where to begin and how to go from there."


Everyone enjoyed painting these flowers and here are some of the students work in progress.



Apr. 30th, 2019

flower painting

Spring landscapes....

The next project in my classes of Watercolor with Jean was landscapes. I took a few photos in my backyard as an aid for my class. This painting was started as a demo and finished at home.


My students enjoyed painting their landscapes...

This one was done at home...
DSCN1293 (1)
flower painting

Springtime means tulips...

I decided to start my spring series of Watercolor with Jean classes with painting tulips. Here are a group of tulip paintings I did in preparation for or as demos in class.

In prep...

In class as demos...


Started as demo and finished at home...

Paintings by students...

Feb. 28th, 2019

flower painting

Another little painting by me...

Just playing with color and shape. Happy with the outcome.


Feb. 12th, 2019

flower painting


I found this painting I started along time ago, but never finished. It was kind of abstract, but very definitely the leaves I had photographed in my garden. The photograph was with with it.

Why did I never finish it?

I decided to see what I could do with it now. It's always fun playing with color without any expectations of what it should look like at the finish. I was really was happy with the results, and may enter this one in a judged show.


Jan. 19th, 2019

flower painting

Pretty Tulips....

I was in the produce department of the supermarket, when I passed the section with bouquets of flowers. There were little pink tulips calling me...so I bought them. I put them in a vase and was really enjoying them with all the dreary weather. I took a photo of them for future watercolor classes and then got inspired to actually paint them. I decided to try some hot pressed Arches watercolor paper I had purchased a long time ago and never used. Hot pressed is different to work on because of the very smooth surface. Not sure I like it as much as my usual cold pressed., but here is is.


Jan. 1st, 2019

flower painting

The last painting I did in 2018

Just some more play with colors and shapes to see what they might suggest. After background dried, I started to see a lily pond, and just went with it!


Nov. 24th, 2018

flower painting

Last class of Watercolor with Jean fall series....

I had six students in this fall series, and on the last class only two were able to attend it. Was it the homework I gave them?

It was good thought because it was almost like the students were having private lessons. I was able to help with projects they wanted to work on. One student worked on watercoloring a drawing of a girl in costume, she had done. I showed her how to to work the folds on the gown and how to color the face to give them dimension.

The other student wanted to redo a painting of a vase of flowers and I started a demo of some flowers which I later finished at home. It was a fun class and it went rather quickly. This is the finished painting I started in class.


My next series of "Watercolor with Jean will be in the spring.
flower painting

Snow Scenes....

The theme of our next class of "Watercolor with Jean" was painting snow scenes. I did a painting at home from a photo I took in my back yard and made a watercolor of it.


I started the class with a demo of a new snow scene in class and did the painting in steps, so as to help the students learn various techniques of mixing color and practicing the use of light and shadow.

This is that demo.

The class seemed to have trouble following and I spent a lot of time with individual instruction. I asked them to work on them at home and bring them to the next and last class. Because of scheduling of the classroom, we skipped a week, so they two weeks to work on it.

Oct. 31st, 2018

flower painting

Started this painting in the beginning of summer...

...but it just wasn't speaking to me. I put it away for the time being and forgot all about it. When I was doing some cleaning and straightening up, I found it upside down between other stuff. I looked at it and wondered if I....
I got out my brush and paints, and began to play. It was started on hot press paper, so it requires different techniques. This is the finished result!


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