flower painting

From June 25, 2021

So I found this sheet of handmade paper with dry flowers and stems in it. I’ve had it in my stash for a long time and one of the dry flowers challenged me to make something with it. This paper is not coated or sized for watercolor, so I had to handle it in a different way. I still wanted to use watercolor, but I needed to draw with it rather than paint with it. I then used watercolor pencil to shade an blend. Can you find the original dry flower that called to me?

flower painting


I haven't felt very creative lately. Yes, even experienced painters have feelings of not being inspired to paint.

I have some paints I bought a while ago, with some colors I haven't tried yet and just decided to play with them in an abstract way. I find it's the best way to learn how certain colors work together. I love it when you can't predict the outcome. It's kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle. You become motivated as it comes together and you feel you are accomplishing some good.

I still try to use just three or four colors and try to keep them in the family of of the primaries of red, blue and yellow. I did an abstract background and let it dry. Studying later I saw this beautiful bloom (like a Calla Lily, but not), and then I painted it in and saw more blooms. I was hooked and didn't want to stop! Oh, it felt so good to be inspired using only my imagination and my brush!

So this was the outcome!


flower painting

Christmas Bouquet

Inspired by a little sunshine yesterday and my pretty Christmas bouquet, I decided to do some watercoloring! Flowers always seem to brighten my day!


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