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Last Watercolor Class in Six Week Series

In the six weeks of classes our beginner students learned about colors and mixing paints, difference watercolor papers and their surfaces, kinds of brushes and their uses, and applying a variety of textures to their watercolor paintings.

I thought it was time to do a simple still life with the the idea of exploring light and shadow. How do you make an object three dimensional on a flat surface? I placed three oranges on a table and with a flash light showed them how the light can create different shadows. I then showed them a demo I did to give them an idea what it would look like on paper. We then did step-by-step paintings, so everyone could paint these oranges. This is the demo painting I did.


Everyone did their own interpretation of their oranges and I think they learned quite a bit from this lesson. I also think both the students and I were happy with their results.

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