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Watercolor Class at Mispillion Art League

So yesterday we had another watercolor class and I basically decided to help each student continue working on their paintings from last week. They were all paying attention to what I taught, because they were using many of the techniques I showed them and doing very interesting work.
I have a new Cannon camera that I just bought because I wanted something small and light to carry with me at all times. I always regret when a wonderful shot presents itself and I don't have my camera.
Yesterday was one of camera moments, because everyone was doing amazing paintings and having a really good time doing them. I took a shot of everyone and when I got home, I made up a collage of my photographs to record my classes. I made copies of this collage and I will give everyone one next week.
We put a copy on Mispillion Art League Face book page and I wanted to record it here as well.

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