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A Day of Apples..........

This is the next to the last class in this series of six watercolor classes. The objective of this class was to paint round objects so that they appear round and not flat. They had a sale on Gala apples at the supermarket and I bought three of them for the class to paint. I came up with an easy way to explain how to paint them and also demonstrated how you could see the shadows that formed when you changed the light source. Since the set-up at the Gallery is a bunch of tables that everyone sits around, I put the apples in the center and changed around the placement so as to come up with a pleasing composition. The main objective was to just paint an apple that looked like an apple and not a red circle on the surface of watercolor paper.

Everyone was enthusiastic and got to work. I went from person to person and helped where I though it was needed. All in all the apples were looking good enough to eat!

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