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flower painting

May 2019



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flower painting

Experimenting again with new colors...

The following pictures started as an exercise, with nothing planned ahead of time. Just playing with new colors and shapes to see where they would lead me. You make the paint dance across the paper and follow where it leads you. Then you get this picture in mind and finish it. They were originally on one sheet of paper, but I split them, making them into two pieces.




I like these too!
I really like the top one. I like the way it has cool colors at the top and graduates to warmer ones as it goes down the page. The shadows on the petals give nice dimension. I really like it all.
The second piece I'm trying to picture with the first. Were they side by side?
This one involves more thought (IMO). A friend of mine took an art appreciation class and explained to me (when looking at one of my watercolors, of a barn) that he liked how he couldn't figure out if it was dawn or dusk, the back or front of the barn, etc ... That's what this piece does to me. Are there under water flowers? Or in a field? Maybe the tall ones are weeds?
It makes me think ...
Thanks for responding to my entry! They were side by side in the order you see them. They were just exercises and I hadn't done any planned composition. They really didn't seem as one cohesive painting. I often take a mat and look through it on an exercise like this and sometimes find something that I really like. Again this was just playing with new colors because I wanted to see how they mixed. I really like that they made you do more than just take a quick look and that they made you think a bit about them.