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More with color...

I have been working with triads of new primary colors just to see what will happen. This time I used Perylene Red, Hansa Yellow Medium, and Colbalt Blue. Perylene Red is a much stronger and warmer color than the rose color I usually work with. I started with the flower on the left because the pattern I created in the lower left indicated that I needed a flower there. I didn't draw any flowers ahead of time and just put them in with the brush. I made two more and then added some leaves as I went along. I wasn't sure I liked the red because I'm more comfortable with the softness of the rose color. I wasn't sure I even like the painting. I left it at that, but I came back the next day and added some more background. After all what did I have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think it did come together. What do you think?

Tags: colors, water color triad

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