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flower painting

May 2019



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flower painting

More with color...

I have been working with triads of new primary colors just to see what will happen. This time I used Perylene Red, Hansa Yellow Medium, and Colbalt Blue. Perylene Red is a much stronger and warmer color than the rose color I usually work with. I started with the flower on the left because the pattern I created in the lower left indicated that I needed a flower there. I didn't draw any flowers ahead of time and just put them in with the brush. I made two more and then added some leaves as I went along. I wasn't sure I liked the red because I'm more comfortable with the softness of the rose color. I wasn't sure I even like the painting. I left it at that, but I came back the next day and added some more background. After all what did I have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think it did come together. What do you think?



I like it!!
Thank you!
Do want!
On my resume when it says my paintings are in private collections, you are at the top of my list!
I like it. It really is bold for a water color, but it works. The red really pops. I like the softer background ... maybe add stronger stems??? Just putting an idea out there for you cause the flowers are floating out to me.
Do you teach or take classes? I haven't water colored since college. You're inspiring me to get back to it. I do remember enjoying it.
Thanks for sharing.
I'm glad my entries have inspired you to think about doing watercolor again. I do teach and if you go back on some of my blog you can see some of my classes.
You have a good eye and I think you are right about the red flowers floating. I was thinking that myself. A good way to see something you painted is to photograph it and sometimes changes needed just pop right out at you.
I do hope you will have time to do watercolor again.