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Calla Lilies all matted, framed and hung.

Got a new table for my studio that is nice and large. It worked so well when it was time to mat and frame my Calla Lilies.

Since I moved, I can't bring this painting to my old framer, but before him I used to do it all myself anyway. No reason I can't do it again, especially with my new large table and internet ordering for supplies. I have a small mat cutter and that presented a challenge to cutting such a large mat. But I was able to slide it in the cutter and I am very please with the outcome.

After doing much research on the internet, I found that the cost to framing this picture would be quite high. Browsing though one of my catalogs, I found a natural color wood poster frame (30" x 40") for $47. Since I want everyone to look at the painting and not the frame, I felt this was a good idea. So it came FedEx yesterday and I put together this morning. Needless to say, I am quit pleased. So it now hangs over the mantle in my living room.

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