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Second Class of the Next Series of "Watercolor With Jean" Class

I have decided to make the seasons of the year to be the themes of this series of classes.

The first season we worked on last week was "Winter". At the beginning of the class I gave a demo of painting of a winter scene. There were no photos of this scene and it really was produced from my memories of snow, winter and how it made me feel.

The reason for this is that we tend to try and paint like a camera. My point being that if you want something exact as nature has made it, then do photograph it, but if you experiment with our watercolor paints mixed with water and watercolor paper you can create your own ideas of what winter is to you, the artist. Hopefully the viewer will enjoy those impressions as well as the artist did in painting it.


Tomorrow we will work on the season of spring. By painting spring hopefully it will bring the season to me sooner.
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