June 5th, 2012

flower painting


My daughter and her husband went to Arizona to see the solar eclipse and while they were there, they saw and photographed the raw beauty of the area. One photo really captured my notice and I was inspired to paint it.

flower painting

Fourth Class of the Next Series of "Watercolor With Jean"

In our fourth watercolor class, I decided to work with demonstrating all the different techniques that you could use to create textures in their paintings. It's quite a bit of fun doing this and I put all the textures I could think of on one small sheet of paper. While it was drying, I had them do the same. They went at it with a strong sense of determination, and one the students said, "We should have some music because it's so quiet in here."

Just before class I had collected a bunch of leaves and I showed how to use them as a stamp and a way to trace them into our paintings. We then talked about what we saw in our textures and how we could develop them into a finished painting.

As they worked on there paintings I sat down and started to develop my painting, pausing to show them what I was doing every once in a while.

This is the demo painting I finished in class.


This is a photo of the class and the paintings they accomplished.