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A new sunny day!

I thought I had left this all behind in NJ, but not so. With a large, and I mean large driveway, it is not an easy task to shovel to get your car out on the road. After cleaning off the car, (double garage is still full of stuff to unpack yet), I attempted to get out of the driveway by just driving through it. Did very well till we came to the road, which had been plowed, and couldn't get pass the the mound from the plowing. Needless to say we didn't make it to church today.

This is the back yard, isn't it beautiful?

At lunchtime Al noticed the driveway had been plowed and asked if I knew anything about it. I was just as mystified as he was. We found out that a wonderful neighbor was doing it for us with his tractor! He had a large shovel on it and it scooped up that snow so easily, it was a joy to watch. So I'm still loving it here. The sun is shinning and all is right with the world.

I did start another painting and slowly finished last week. Sent for another frame and it arrived cracked. Since it is so big (30" x 40") we figured it broke in shipping. They sent me another one and that one was worse than the first. Not cracked but broken clear through. They were very nice on the phone and said they would check with the warehouse for quality control. They found most of them were damaged at the warehouse and said it must have been a bad batch. Lo and behold they found four good ones and asked if we could try it again.
They said I didn't have to return the bad ones, so we will see.

I decided to post the progress of my new painting of Stargazer Lilies, in the mean time.

Of course I did get a lot of help from my friend, Frances.

Yay its all done and ready to be framed!

Hopefully the next post will show it all framed!

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