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Feeling Good!

Have you ever read a book or series of books that the characters are so strong that you feel as if you know them? And when the story ends you feel as thought you've lost a bunch of friends? Sometimes this happens with my paintings, especially if it is a large one and you spend a lot of time on it. It's finished and you have a hard time moving on and starting another one. My Stargazer Lilies were such a painting. I felt a little down and thought will there be another one in me?

Around the time that I finished the Stargazer Lilies, I found and joined an Art Association less then ten miles from here. Very active. art shows, workshops, classes, and a gallery to sell the member's art. Oh no, there goes my retirement, if I let it!

Somehow the art group changed my attitude about my paintings. One of the reasons I felt so inspired to paint so many pictures since I moved here was that now I was painting for me. Just me! I only painted what inspired me and since I was now officially retired I would not worry about selling my work, not worry of what other artists thought of my paintings. I could experiment with different techniques and just enjoy the surprise outcome. No rules, no limitations. Each painting a new joy to relish and experience.

So I have had to try and overcome the need to sort of compete and just enjoy the positive aspects of being with other artists. There is so much to learn from others and it is much more fun then reading art books and watching a youtube demo. I signed up for a workshop and have three paintings in their current show. I have helped with the hanging of the show and done some computer work for them.

Determined to get back my mojo, I played around with some color and seemed to be going nowhere. The next day I started to see flowers in the colors that were already there. I started with one flower and then another. This is what resulted. I liked what happened and decided to post it as my next painting. It's called "Feeling Good."

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