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Fourth Class of the Next Series of "Watercolor With Jean"

In our fourth watercolor class, I decided to work with demonstrating all the different techniques that you could use to create textures in their paintings. It's quite a bit of fun doing this and I put all the textures I could think of on one small sheet of paper. While it was drying, I had them do the same. They went at it with a strong sense of determination, and one the students said, "We should have some music because it's so quiet in here."

Just before class I had collected a bunch of leaves and I showed how to use them as a stamp and a way to trace them into our paintings. We then talked about what we saw in our textures and how we could develop them into a finished painting.

As they worked on there paintings I sat down and started to develop my painting, pausing to show them what I was doing every once in a while.

This is the demo painting I finished in class.


This is a photo of the class and the paintings they accomplished.

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