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Basket and Hydrangea

I made a basket in my friend's class at the Mispillion Art League. Later on I finished it off by lining the inside with this pretty plaid fabric I had in my stash. It looked pretty and I put it in my dining room on an old truck I got from my grandmother. Later I cut some Hydrangea from the garden to dry because it look wonderful especially in the winter and lasts a long time.
I got this wonderful idea to put some in my basket to dry and it looked even better. I had some pink paper roses that my daughter got for me from a friend that makes them and it completed my basket.


Then I got the idea to watercolor paint a picture of my basket in the garden with some of my Hydrangea. This is how came.


Hydrangea has always been a favorite flower for me and we planted three bushes when we moved here. I remember my mother-in law letting me cut some at the end of the season and bring them home to dry. It's nice to be able to have them again.
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