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Two small paintings...

I have a new series of classes starting in two weeks. I have been playing around with other techniques so as to have something new. I'm always looking for ways to pull another rabbit out of my hat. but first I have to make sure there are rabbits in there.

The first is a background that I had done a while ago. Just touches of red and green. I soaked the paper and crumbled it up to make creases that opened up the surface sizing. and then flattened it and dried it with a hairdryer. When it was completely dry. I saw the splotches of red as roses and began to define them. I added leaves and some blue to define them.


The next on is a landscape study. I wanted to try different methods to give the rocks and boulders texture and shadow. I sandpapered a watercolor pencil into the wet of the paper.

Tags: color, textures, watercolor class

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