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A bunch of pansies pose for my "Watercolor with Jean" class

I wanted to use pears for my subject for the watercolor class. Went to the produce section of my supermarket, but not a pear in sight! On to plan B....what plan B? Nothing looked inviting enough to paint. While heading out to the car I noticed that Ace had a bunch of Pansy plants outside. Maybe? I put the groceries in the trunk and wondered over to see the Pansies. After ten minutes of choosing plants that I though might be in bloom next week, I went home and worked on the way I would want to teach painting them.

I mentioned last lesson that we would learn or review painting textures and how they could enhance a painting. I wanted it to be a bit abstract and yet recognizable as Pansies. This is what I painted.


The one thing I love about teaching this class is that each student has his or her own style, as you can see in the photo below. It was a fun class and everyone went home with a finished or almost finished paint.

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