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Red Tomatoes........

I was at the supermarket and they had these luscious red tomatoes on the the vine. I decided they would make a wonderful still life to paint. After unpacking them I set them up on the counter with enough lighting to make wonderful shadows. I then photographed them for our next class "Watercolor with Jean".

 photo IMG_2349_zps93601240.jpg

I could resist painting them myself.

 photo IMG_2411_zpscfd1df03.jpg

At the beginning of my next class I set up the projector with my tomato photograph, and the class went to work painting tomatoes. It's always fun teaching how to create light and shadows. It's a project that will go into next week's class, but the class got a good start.

 photo IMG_2409_zps85b70e0a.jpg

 photo IMG_2410_zps5a43bba7.jpg
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