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The beauty of Iris

After a bus trip to the Barnes Foundation and the Rodin Museum, we had lunch at Wholefood Supermarket. That place is like falling down Alice's hole and finding yourself in wonderland. Before I got on the bus home, I bought a bouquet of Iris that hadn't even opened yet. Very tired after the trip, I slipped them into some water with a package of flower food.
When I came down the next morning to make breakfast, I found them totally in bloom.

Iris 3 photo IMG_2569_zpsdcab553b.jpg

Oh I couldn't wait to get out my brush and watercolors! This is a study that I did with a Chinese brush. I didn't draw anything, but filled my brush with a mixture of that wonderful periwinkle, iris color and painted the flowers. It can be a thrilling experience to draw with a paint filled brush and feel your subject come to life on paper.

Iris 2 photo IMG_2592_zpse555250a.jpg

Iris 1 photo IMG_2591_zps2cc01355.jpg

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