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New Flower Studies

Since I moved here I have been trying to develop a way of watercolor painting that combines realism, abstraction and dimension, all together, as it celebrates color with nature. Some paintings have had more realism while others more abstraction. Flowers seem to really lend itself more to this type of painting, although I have also done landscapes as you have seen earlier in this journal. It has been a wonderful journey experimenting with my art almost a year while living in Delaware and it is for that reason I started this journal.
I joined a wonderful Art Association and met people who enjoyed the arts as much as I do. I have been asked by same art group to teach a Saturday class on "Exciting Flowers" in June. So exciting!
So I have been doing quarter sheet work studies that experiment with the way I want to teach this class. By doing these studies myself, it is giving me a chance to figure out how go about it. I am not sure of the painting level of the students, so I will have to give a demo and come up with a plan that will enable all levels to try this class and enjoy a happy outcome in their work.
These are three of the studies I have done so far.



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