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flower painting

February 2019



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flower painting

Another chance to paint my still life...

In the last entry I talked about some produce I bought for the subject of my next class. Well we had over eight inches of snow on the Monday we were to meet and had another day off. This turned out to be a really good thing, since I felt my first effort was really too much like a photograph. I'm always saying in class "If you want it to look perfect, use a camera". Guess I have to listen to my own words!

Since for various reasons we will not have class till April, I have time to think about how I could do this painting differently. I been in a dreary state of mind from this winter and all the storms. For some reason I woke up this morning with some good ideas and felt energize today. So this is my second effort.

I think I will bring both paintings to class and use this as an example of how you can go in many directions when you watercolor paint. It also can show your moods and how you feel, can influence your art.

 photo IMG_3369_zps0d096c54.jpg


I really liked your first effort - but I like this too. It's pretty neat that you can look at the same subject and find different ways to paint it!
Thanks! I think this one has a looser, free flow to it.
It's pretty cool that you can do both feels! :-) Love ya!
thank you!