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Painting watercolor on Yupo paper

My first attempt of painting watercolor on Yupo Paper. I've used this plastic coated paper with acrylics, but it's very different with watercolor. I will play with it some more.

 photo IMG_3550_zps85f6a49e.jpg

Painting watercolor on Yupo paper has turned out to be an adventure and a half. You have to pretty much capture everything on your first layer. You can go back, but water changes and takes up that first layer. While acrylic paint dries and can't be lifted, watercolor paint can....even if you don't want it to. So this is my second attempt at it.

 photo IMG_3450_zps2be0534d.jpg

This is another one I tried later.

 photo IMG_3470_zps8343b80f.jpg,
Tags: 2014, yupo paper with watercolor

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