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It is my hope that the watercolor class I will be giving will be something different. I want to combine the realism of flowers and yet have an element of abstract to it as well.
I have been doing some more experimentation by changing the kind of paper I am painting on. The first painting is done on hot press paper. It has a shiny smooth surface, so that the paints sit on the top of the paper instead of being absorbed. I thought this smooth surface lends itself to putting more color in the flowers and then the background can be the abstract quality in the painting.
Water lilies are perfect for this method as the large flat leaves let you play with the colors as they blend together. The leaves dance around the prettiest flowers as they reach for the light and the heavens.

water lilies

The second painting is just a burst of wildflowers soaking up the sun in the field. Here I used the background to make the flowers just pop right out of the painting.
The interesting thing about this one is the paper I used. I bought a bunch of different kinds of inkjet paper to make prints of my paintings on my printer. One package was watercolor texture paper and I thought it would make the prints more lifelike. Turns out the paper was too think for my printer. Never being one to waste anything, I decided to try to paint on it. Well, I just loved it. The hard surface is a lot like hot press, but it still has the texture of cold press paper. It is just delightful to work with. Need less to say I ordered more of this paper. Unfortunately, it only come in 8 1/2” x 11”, but that size paper fits neatly into a precut 11” x 14” mat. That certainly makes my job easier and people are more apt to buy a smaller painting anyway.

wild flowers
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