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flower painting

April 2019



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flower painting

New Live journal to display my paintings

I have started this LJ to talk about and show new paintings as I do them. If you found this site from my website jeanmasetti.com you will see some of my work and a little bit about me. Since I don't know HTML, I have to rely on my webmaster to add or change the paintings and info. We thought it would be a good thing to be able to to show my newest work and talk about it here.

I have been doing watercolor in a new way with leanings toward a more abstract way of seeing things. My work has always been realistic in interpretation and I decided I would like to explore the use of color and shapes and still have an obvious subject in the painting. This first one started as watercolor and it took me on a journey that begged for collage as well. I call it Queen Anne Garden.

It is so lovey to just follow where ever the colors and shapes lead me. Then to see what longs to grow in that color and shape. Here it was a single rose.

This painting began with a sunrise, that called for hill sides and valleys to be lighted and shaded by it. A pine forest was added and it became a very quiet and comfortable place to be.

So I hope you will enjoy this journey of painting with me.