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Watercolor with Jean class...spring 2016

Mid March I start a new series of watercolor classes. I've put off thinking about it because I have a lot of time to plan it, right? Well February is racing by and I still haven't got a clue as to what to teach. Plus I have a full class of eight students, most of who have been in my classes before. I needed something new.

The other day I was on Facebook and there were a lot of pictures of sea shells....I have baskets full of shells and pebbles from my walks at Slaughter Beach. I set up a little still life and this is what I painted.

 photo DSCN0272_zpsbdzzrjky.jpg

I know this will be a fun project for my first class.

Did another painting later on, but did it in a different style.

 photo DSCN0316_zpsgxwmqmmt.jpg
Tags: shells and pebbles from the seashore, spring 2016, watercolor with jean

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