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Watercolor with Jean class...spring 2016

Our third class of our six week spring series of Watercolor with Jean was learning how to create textures and backgrounds to our paintings first and then incorporating a subject or subjects after the background dries. It's a lot of fun to mix our paints and textures for an almost abstract painting. Then look for pictures in the textures and making them come to life. We found flowers, butterflies, and shells.

I painted one at home and it evolved into another shell painting. I used this painting as an example of what you could create using this method.

 photo DSCN0344_zpsk0r7z1at.jpg

I did a demo in class to showed how to create our background and later added what I could visualize in the textures and colors. I showed them how to see and paint the flowers I saw there. I wasn't able to finish it in class, but they got the idea. I did finish it at home and will bring it to class next week.

 photo DSCN0347_zpszxew9cjx.jpg

They did have fun watercolor painting this way and here they are with their paintings.

 photo IMG_4309_zpsw6gzfk5p.jpg
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