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The season has changed again and colors have turned from the bright oranges, golds and reds of fall to the darker more somber colors of winter. It seems every time I look out my windows I see something different. It’s not only the seasons, but the times of the day. Winter has made the days shorter and the angle of the sun different as well. I am so entranced with the light and colors that I have to try to copy nature again and again. But she is so much better at it then me. Still I can’t help trying.


Little did I know that within a week, this would all be covered in a white blanket of snow. I just can't keep up with Mother Nature.

Monday we hang a new show at the Gallery and I will show this new painting. I also have three other winter paintings at the Abbotts Grill Restaurant for there new winter show. In a little over a week I will start teaching a six week watercolor class at the Gallery as well. Looks like a busy start to 2011. Happy New Year!
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