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I haven't felt very creative lately. Yes, even experienced painters have feelings of not being inspired to paint.

I have some paints I bought a while ago, with some colors I haven't tried yet and just decided to play with them in an abstract way. I find it's the best way to learn how certain colors work together. I love it when you can't predict the outcome. It's kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle. You become motivated as it comes together and you feel you are accomplishing some good.

I still try to use just three or four colors and try to keep them in the family of of the primaries of red, blue and yellow. I did an abstract background and let it dry. Studying later I saw this beautiful bloom (like a Calla Lily, but not), and then I painted it in and saw more blooms. I was hooked and didn't want to stop! Oh, it felt so good to be inspired using only my imagination and my brush!

So this was the outcome!


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