flower painting

Fall flowers....

My hubby bought me a bouquet of fall flowers and I put them on the kitchen table. At every meal, I would study the white Alstroemeria and marvel at their beauty. I just had to try and capture them in watercolor!

So I brought them up to my studio and had a wonderful time painting them. This time I didn't draw them or work on a composition ahead of time. I was too impatient to just capture the feel of them. I worked around the white areas and then painted in the flowers.

I added the golden brown mums for color, just like the bouquet.


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flower painting

More fall painting...

I invited a friend to come over and just do some watercolor painting. I didn't have anything specific in mind, but I collected some fallen leaves and had them in my studio. It's always fun to warm up and get the creative juices flowing by just using these leaves as a stamp and working them into a the background of a painting. It's kind of trial and error, but something fun and wonderful always happens when I do this. I love how it brings all the wonderful colors of fall together in a different way.

flower painting

New inspiration today...

I bought some new watercolor paints and I haven't had the inspiration to play with them. This morning the sun was shining and all seemed right with the world, so I picked three colors and just allowed myself to go with the good feelings. So happy I did!

flower painting


I found this painting I started along time ago, but never finished. It was kind of abstract, but very definitely the leaves I had photographed in my garden. The photograph was with with it.

Why did I never finish it?

I decided to see what I could do with it now. It's always fun playing with color without any expectations of what it should look like at the finish. I was really was happy with the results, and may enter this one in a judged show.